Ferrari 360  Exhaust Remote Control  Module Kit

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         Ferrari 360  Exhaust Remote Control  Module Kit


This is another great Exhaust Control module from A totally bespoke solution developed specifically for the for the Ferrari 360

The unit switches the Ferrari Exhaust Control Valves away from the standard operation as defined by the ECU (Quiet Mode) into having the valves fully open at the control of the user by simply pressing the (Loud Mode) button on the remote fob, In the case of the 360 this makes a significant and pleasing change in exhaust tone, through the rev range that’s very much typical of day to day driving.

As with all CCCharger products its designed to be easily installed by an individual with little or no technical knowledge and integrate covertly into the vehicles infra-structure with the caveat that it can also be easily and discretely removed in just 5 minutes without the need for any associated remedial works.

On the 360 its important to note that the exhaust by-pass valves on either side of the exhaust system are controlled individually by the 2 ECUs controlling each bank of the V8. These therefore can not be linked within a single controller module, its essential that each valve operating control is from its dedicated ECU.

To ensure this is the case in the CCCharger solution, we supply dual Control Modules, each of which intercepts the ECU control via the Vacuum Solenoid control on each side of the exhaust system.

This “dual unit” solution also delivers huge benefits in terms of ease of installation, where the existing cable to the vacuum solenoid is simply unclipped by pressing its release wire and inserted into the modules input cable, the modules output cable is then inserted into the vacuum solenoid. This means that the unit in effect sits in series with the existing operating vacuum solenoid and only needs a local earth connection to be made for all to become operational. The kit includes an earth flylead which can source its earth from any local earth point or the vacuum solenoid mounting screw. The earthing of this flylead is the only part of the whole installation task that needs tools. Given this each module is able to be installed in just 5 minutes.

In line with our mantra that the installation on any classic car must be discrete once completed, the unit has no externally mounted status LEDs, however through 2 small apertures a slight glow from a micro size green led within the unit indicates power present and on pressing the loud button on the keyfob the led flashes to indicate the remote signal to switch to "Loud Mode"  as received and implemented. By design this can not be viewed from looking downwards onto  the engine bay


Specifications / Features:

Auto Memory Feature – Uses the long established CCCharger “auto memory module” which retains last button choice selected in core memory through multiple restarts, negating the need to press “Loud” or “Quiet” following every time the ignition is turned off

Ultra Discrete Installation - Easily removed in minutes at any time, perhaps for a classic concours event or similar.

Local Fuse Protection – Each module has a 3A user changeable fuse

Micro Compact Size – Each module is just 20mm High, 38mm Wide and 56mm Long

2 x Loud / Quiet Keyfobs – The kit includes a second, high quality metal frame soft touch keyfob as a spare.

Subtle (slight glow) LED status indicators only visible from end of unit, indicating power and “Loud” conditions

The modules Internal PCB has an integrated Super-heterodyne RF receiver which delivers super high quality RF signalling through its integrated aerial and has an operating range in excess of 50 Metres

Construction is based on the use of 20AWG silicone cabling throughout, Automotive Industry Standard

connectors, standard internal CCCharger “Auto Memory” control unit and all tested to 85C operation

Installation time of just 5 minutes a module, truly “Plug and Play”

Detailed Instructions Included.

                 Watch The Associated Video - Note The Superb Sound Enhancements !!!