Ferrari F430 Dual Module Exhaust Remote Control Kit


This kit switches the Ferrari Exhaust Control Valves away from the standard operation as defined by the ECU (Quiet Mode) into having the valves fully open at the control of the user by simply pressing the (Loud Mode) button on the remote fob, In the case of the F430 this makes a significant and pleasing change in exhaust sound.


This Exhaust Remote Control is designed specifically for the F430 and its design negates the need to have any cables visible within that stunning engine bay area of the F430.


Unlike alternate products, this is a “Dual Module” solution and hence does not need to have link cables crossing the engine bay or any power cables attached  from a centrally mounted control unit.


The unit fits discretely out of view close to the vacuum solenoid controlling each of the exhaust output pipes, where it is fitted in line with the original solenoid flylead by click in connectors. Leaving only a single earth eyelet to be terminated to complete the installation - Simple, Quick and Easy !


The heart of each individual module is an “auto memory” exhaust remote controller, which not only switches the valves to open but then also remembers your chosen setting, through multiple restarts or even battery disconnection.

This means if you decide to have either a Loud or Quiet days driving, you do not need to continually re-select your choice of sound each and every time you start the car again throughout your journey.


This product is designed to be easily installed by an individual with little or no technical knowledge and integrate covertly into the vehicles infra-structure, the dual module solution, clicked into existing wiring, quite simply, could not be easier or quicker to install.


In line with our mantra that the completed installation must be discrete, the units have no externally mounted status LEDs, however through a small aperture a sub micro size green led within the unit indicates power present and on pressing the loud button on the keyfob the led flashes to indicate the remote signal to switch to "Loud Mode" as received and implemented.



  • Auto Memory: Retains your selected Loud or Quiet mode in core memory
  • Dual Module: Modules on each side facilitate an elegant, simplistic install
  • Discrete: No visible cables controller module or status LEDs
  • Micro Size: Each module is just 56mm x 38mm x 20mm
  • Synchronised Modules: Super-heterodyne Paired RF receivers
  • Local Fuse Protection: Each module has a user changeable 3amp fuse
  • Ferrari Quality Keyfobs: Bespoke keyfob design & spare fob also included
  • No Error Codes: Designed with integral MIL & Error Code control circuits
  • Low Glow Status LED: Power and signal received status via discrete LEDs
  • Ease of Installation: Each unit can be installed in less than 10 minutes
  • 433.9Mhz Operation: HomeLink Compatible (Not for North America)
  • Proven Technology: Has the CCCharger “Auto Memory” control module from the market leader for Aston Martin exhaust remote modules


See The F430 Fitting Video - 10 mins to fit & Superb Sound Enhancement !

Ferrari F430 Exhaust Remote Control Kit


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