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The Detail Below Provides an Overview of Our Product Lines 

 Information on Fitting  and the Purchasing Options

For the Product Line






There are currently 4 main product lines on the CCCharger site - As shown below

While we do also sell products elsewhere

The CCCharger site will  ALWAYS be the BEST POSSIBLE PRICING for CCCharger product


Our products are all assembled in the UK (Church Crookham) and are all items to which we add technical value, by making them totally bespoke to a  particular model variant or by engineering in the benefit of ease of installation. It's in this area that we really focus, developing products such as the Remote Exhaust Switches that are fitted in literally 2 minutes, and aimed at individuals with electrical skills in line with the fitting of a domestic plug or changing a fuse. If the product install is much more challenging than that (Rapide S6 / DRL Kit / Vanquish S7)  We will always tell you.

S4 crop.jpg


There are currently 7 Aston Remote Switch Builds in 2 formats "standard" & "Auto Memory". The units consist of a remote receiver that decodes the R.F signal from the key fob and switches a relay module to operate the existing active vacuum controls, 

 * All units supplied with 2 x high quality metal key fobs

 * Detailed instructions included fitting takes literally mins (all except Rapide & Vanquish)

 * No auto electrical skills required to fit, If you can fit an electrical plug you should be able to fit our products 

 * Engine starts in quiet mode as standard and will switch to loud mode when the loud button is pressed

 * Can be supplied in reverse build  (this starts up loud and enters quiet mode when quiet button pressed)

 * All (except Vanquish) fit within the existing fuse box and as such this remains a fully covert installation

 * To facilitate ease of fitting V12 models include a push in relay - This is a genuine Aston Martin supplied part

 * Start Loud (reverse build) or Start Quiet (standard build) can be selected from the dropdown when ordering




The "Auto Memory"  unit is available in 4 formats V8 Vantage, V12 Vantage/DB9/DBS/Virage, Vanquish & Rapide

It works as per the standard exhaust switch but has an additional feature of being able to go back to the same switched position that it was in prior to the ignition being switched off, which it will now always remember, even through battery disconnects.

This is achieved by the unit having 2 x switch modules within it, complemented by a seperate magnetic coil memory which controls the output state of the unit until the remote fob button is next pressed.

This memory remembers the last known mode that the unit was switched to, either quiet mode or loud mode and will stay in that mode until you select the alternate mode. Installation is exactly as per the standard units. 

DRL-Poster 2020.jpg

V8 Vantage L.E.D Daytime Running Lights:

This device turns on the front LED lamps all the time the ignition is turned on, should you desire them to be off, operating the remote key fob will facilitate this.

The units consist of a remote receiver that decodes the R.F signal from the remote fob to activate a relay which triggers an isolating output relay module. This circuitry is designed to "fail safe" in the unlikely event of a component failure and the installation ensures that no control signals are feeding back into the C.E.M (central electrical module) The unit uses easy connect screw in de-mountable connectors for ease of installation / removal and has an install time of around 45 minutes.


 * This unit is a more complex fit than our other products - as the cabin floor fuse box has to be accessed.

 * Some auto electrical skills are required to fit or the assitance of an auto electrician.

 * Currently this fits only Right Hand Drive Vantages from 2005 to 2010 inclusive.

 * Keyfobs are pre programmed and can not be added later. Given this at the point of purchase dropdown menus allow you to select any additional fobs at a nominal price should you require them.

Ctek Charger Adapters:

These are all made in our Church Crookham Workshop from Ctek original flyleads with manufacture bespoke connectors fitted such that the purchaser will have a reasonably priced viable alternative to procuring a manufacturer badged battery charger at a premium price

We do not supply the Ctek Chargers themselves, as being a relatively small scale business we can not compete with the pricing advantages of the major players in this market.



TYPE S4 - V8 Vantage 2005 - 2018 All Models -  Remote Control Switch


TYPE S5 - V12 Vantage DB9, DBS, Virage 2004 - 2018 Remote Control Fuse 22 Relay Switch


TYPE S6 - Rapide  & Rapide S All Models Remote Control Relay Switch.

TYPE S7- Vanquish & Vanquish S  2012-2018 All Models


TYPE AM - This is an Auto Memory version for all V8 Vantages & remembers the last option selected 


TYPE AM R2 - This is an Auto Memory version for V12 Vantage, DB9, DBS & Virage it remembers the last option selected. 

TYPE AM R6 - This is an Auto Memory version for all Rapide models it remembers the last option selected. 


Should you need more guidance on the correct fitment for your Aston, just email me on

If you wish to have a "reverse build" unit (Reverse Build  starts up loud and enters quiet mode on depression of the remote keyfob) then select reverse build from the drop down menu when ordering. I do not advise a reverse build / start loud option for the S6 Rapide as in my view this option changes the character of the Rapide, however, the AM-R6 will remember the last setting used so will facilitate starting loud on the Rapide should you choose this option.

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