This product is developed specificially to fit the 2012-2018 Vanquish, where historicially intercepting the exhaust electronics has been a challenging task.

This kit uses one of CCChargers "Auto Memory Modules, which uses core memory to ensure that the unit stays in the mode that you last selected, through multiple restarts and even battery disconnection, saving you selecting the exhaust tone of choice at start up.

This Vanquish bespoke solution enables an elegant fit in a little over an hour, unlike our other Exhaust Remote Control Products, this item is not a 90 second "push in" fit due to the nature of the Gen 4 Vanquish.

The vehicle needs to be raised and the R/H rear wheel needs to be removed along with the inner wing liner, the unit then mounts in the exhaust vacuum control panel, intercepting the wiring using our elegant twist fit tap in connectors.

While the instructions detail the process fully, we recognise that the skills and facilities to carry out the task may not be available to all customers. Hence, we have arranged for the task to be carried out by a recognised Aston Martin Specialist AHM in Hartney Wintney, Hampshire, RG27 8AG.

This can be done by simply purchasing the Install Voucher from the dropdown menu at the time of checking out at a fixed price of £100 for the complete install. This voucher is not sold as a seperate item and can currently only be purchased at the time of  purchasing this Auto Memory Vanquish Exhaust Remote Control Unit.


Auto Memory Exhaust Remote Control 2012-18 Vanquish Type S7