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This device operates as per the standard Vantage (S4) Remote Control Switch, with the added feature of it remembering the last selection that was selected on the remote key fob. Hence if you finish the day in loud mode then it will stay in loud mode and stay that way through unlimited re-starts or until you select the quiet mode button at any time of your choice.
It achieves this by remembering the last button you pressed in a magnetic core memory and hence has zero power drain, using no power at all when the ignition is not turned on.
This product fits all V8 Vantages 2005 to 2018

Auto Memory Exhaust Remote Control V8 Vantage to 2018

  • It’s important to recognise that this device is supplied complete with the correct length cabling and connectors attached to allow instant push fit connectivity to complete the installation in minutes without tools (save for the fuse removing tool which I supply).
    The unit and all associated cabling is entirely housed within the existing fuse box, the structure of the fuse box is not modified in any way and the existing lid refits to provide a totally covert installation.

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