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This kit enables the existing Led lighting around the periphery of the front headlamps to be on at all times the engine is running or the ignition is on. A much enhanced visual appearance is created by this and the whole front view looks to be very much the"2023 expected standard"

The LED front lights are under normal circumstances powered on by a F.E.T (field effect transistor) within the Central Electrical Module (CEM) incrementing its output from a 0 Volt signal to a +12 Volt signal. This means that the kit has to fully integrate with this mode of operation and not feed a +12 Volt signal back into the CEM output.
This clearly means that it can not just be a 12 Volt connection into the existing lighting circuit to turn on the LED lamps.

The unit will operate the LED lamps upon ignition switch on automatically. The remote control fob is able to override this by pressing either the ON or OFF buttons should you wish to change this default.
This item has detailed instructions included and has an associated FITTING TIME OF 40 MINUTES.
Tools required are, wire cutters, wire strippers, T30 Torx bit and a torch. It should be recognised that this kit is a more complex installation than my other products that are all "push in" connectors and as such -  This will require some Auto Electrical skills, or an Auto Electrician to install.
While there is no soldering needed, two cables do need to be traced at the CEM and intersected prior to the insulation being stripped before terminating using the red screw type connectors which are part of the kit.

                Designed for Right Hand Drive Vantages 2005.5 to 2010 Model Years


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